Invitation for the Members Call on Wednesday, October 28th 2020

We have some really exciting news to share with you! You are kindly invited to our Members Call on Wednesday, October 28th at 14:00 where we will present the following topics: Start of the testing phase of the new platform 2.0 New protocols: OCHP 1.5 and OCPI 2.2 Discussion of the announcement by the ACM – Dutch Authority for Consumer and Market We hope to see […]

June’s Feature Friday #4: Going Live

In this last post of the June Feature Friday, we’re looking at the OCHP Direct interface, the OCHP extension allowing for direct communication between the actors connected to the clearing house. Why a Direct Interface? While the central hub focus of OCHP allows for easy technical integration with a wide array of partners and enables […]

June’s Feature Friday #3: Token Module

When an EV Driver presents his/her card before the card reader on a charging point, the card and the charging point starts communicating with each other  and  a couple of informations get exchanged between the two. A relationship is established between the two and that relation is a  successful one if the information provided by […]

June’s Feature Friday #2: Sharing your cards and hiding them, too.

In the second installment of June’s Feature Friday, we look at the permissions types in OCHP 1.5 and what the intent behind them is. Today’s feature: Whitelisting, Live authorization, hidden tokens There is a strong development in the market away from whitelist exchange towards more dynamic (and, to be fair, more state-of-the-art) live authorizations which […]

June’s Feature Friday #1: Know your grid

Welcome to the first of a short series of posts titled “Feature Friday”! Leading to the release of OCHP 1.5, we will highlight one of the major new features in the new version to be released. Today’s feature: Grid Operator Information One of the big buzzwords to go in tandem with the electrification of street […]

OCHP 1.4 & OCHPdirect 0.2

After a full year of so far undisturbed productive operation of eCHS on OCHP Version 1.3, we are proud to announce OCHP 1.4. Starting with an integration phase from November 2016, the new interface will provide more functionality and higher convenience in the implementation. At the same time, the OCHPdirect extension that was introduced with […]

Introducing OCHP 1.3 with OCHP-direct Extension

After almost a full year of so far undisturbed productive operation of eCHS on OCHP Version 1.2, the next version will be available. Starting with a integration phase on first of July 2015, the new interface will provide more functionality and higher convenience in the implementation. Along with OCHP 1.3 comes the OCHP-direct Extension, providing […]

eMobility-IDs Quick Reference Poster

In EV-infrastructure the market communication relies on unique IDs. Their definitions changed over time through the early development of the market mechanisms. To help you maintaining the overview we’ve created a Poster on eMobility IDs. Here you find some common examples, illustrated definition and short descriptions of the fields. We hope you find it useful […]

Latest OCHP Version 1.2 is here!

We are proud to present the latest version of the Open Clearing House Protocol. It features many improvements which were gained from the market feedback. The new and existing methods were described in greater detail and the overall quality was further improved to allow the best possible data quality and reliability. The most important new […]

EV-ID-Validator released!

Recently we released our EV-ID-Validator which enables you to validate, transform and normalize your IDs to the standardized format. Furthermore the check sum for Contract-IDs (EVCOID, EMAID) is validated. The input accepts single or multiple IDs separated by comma, semicolon or line breaks. For interoperability in the emobility market correctly formatted IDs are of high […]