Introducing OCHP 1.3 with OCHP-direct Extension

After almost a full year of so far undisturbed productive operation of eCHS on OCHP Version 1.2, the next version will be available. Starting with a integration phase on first of July 2015, the new interface will provide more functionality and higher convenience in the implementation.

Along with OCHP 1.3 comes the OCHP-direct Extension, providing a simple yet powerful feature set for remote access and direct charging session control over roaming partner’s system borders: Let your customers start and stop charging sessions at any roaming partner’s charge pole through your app!

For those who just need a quick but complete summary of the changes, we’ve created a Update Announcement.

Find the complete documentation and WSDL of Open Clearing House Protocol v1.3 (Release Candidate) on GitHub. There you can also find the OCHP-direct Extension with documentation. And as OCHP is a open source protocol, contributions are always welcome.

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