OCHP 1.4 & OCHPdirect 0.2

After a full year of so far undisturbed productive operation of eCHS on OCHP Version 1.3, we are proud to announce OCHP 1.4. Starting with an integration phase from November 2016, the new interface will provide more functionality and higher convenience in the implementation.

At the same time, the OCHPdirect extension that was introduced with OCHP 1.3 will be updated to version 0.2 to enable further functionality and better usability for all parties.

As always, an overview of the changes can be found in the Update_Announcement.

Find the complete documentation and WSDL of Open Clearing House Protocol v1.4 on GitHub along with the OCHPdirect Extension. We are looking forward to further input from all our partners and will be hosting the next annual OCHP Workshop in February.

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